Sky floors

Sky floors are floors specially designed for those who dare to stand out. For instance, they can spice up an otherwise bland-looking office, enrich an exclusive architectural space or sparkle up a dull dance floor. From a modest sky with delicate clouds, to a bright and sunlit landscape with rainbows or even a whole galaxy; anything is possible with a Sky floor. The floors are uniquely and costume made for each customer. 

The creative process encourages the colors to mix instinctively and form unexpected patterns. This is what gives sense of wonder. Let your floor awaken your fantasy. 


A long time ago, when I was trying to be a realistic painter, I often found myself dreaming away looking at all the beautiful colors on my palette. One day, by accident, I knocked over two buckets of paint. Baffled, I watched the colors spread out all over the floor. The effect was amazing! Instantly I fell in love with the unexpected beauty unfolding right before my eyes. Since that moment, I radically changed my way of working. I started developing techniques that involve the unexpected and the unplanned, creating my own methods to guide the colors to flow and mix together in their own spontaneous ways. 

My advanced knowledge of colour and composition allows me to direct the outcome of your Sky floor. It's not merely coincidence. What started as an accident, turned into craftsmanship It's the combination of the directed and the unexpected that allows me to create a special floor for you, fine tuned and polished to your every need. This is why Sky floors are perfect for all different kinds of companies and there entree halls, shops, offices, dance floors, restaurants and other venues. Spaces where the floor may be the centerpiece. 

Sky floors are high quality epoxy based design floors. The skies are part of the collection specials of DRT-Vloeren. They prepare and finish the Sky floors. All Questions about terms and service will be answered with their assistance. 


The color palettes above are but a small representation of an endless range of possibilities. Every future Sky floor owner will receive their own, personal color design palette. Having a background in interior design, I can assist making an interior plan that will perfectly fit your Sky. 




For any questions, please feel free to contact me.  


Kind regards,


Veerle Nanna 

tel:   +31629767166 










In 2011 I graduated from the Art academy with an early version of the Sky floor. I have made multiple temporary floors with paint and varnish at several locations, for example pop-up stores, photo sets and music venues. Most of these were short-term projects and I really wanted them to become permanent. Because of this I started looking for the best material and did a multi load of tests on several surfaces. Eventually I succeeded in getting the perfect material in combination with DRT-vloeren.